Peter and the Puddings

Popular purveyors of Black Death Metal


Peter and The Puddings is a group of musicians and gatherers of Mysteria living and performing in the Garden City of Siwal. They are the one of the most popular common entertainment groups in the city led by their charismatic singer and virtuoso lute player, Peter Lafayette.



The group consists of five members – Peter Lafayette, leader of the band, is a wizard; Paul Macario, playing Deep Qanun, is a swashbuckler; John Lamar, drummer, is an oracle of Anu-Akma; Jorge Harisha is a fighter who also excels in the playing of the oud, and Raeoul, a rogue, specialises in backing vocals and the popular wind instrument, the ney.

Although not licensed to play in the upper houses of the city, it is in the small taverns and entertainment tents of the commoners that Peter and the Puddings excel above all other common entertainment groups in the city. Highly popluar, and always commanding a good price and giving sell out performances, they are famous for their black death metal sound, but are equally as comfortable playing ballads and popular shanties.

They have many adoring fans around the town, not the least of which is the notorious black salt trader, Abdul Ali Hamsa, who is also their sponsor.

Peter and the Puddings

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