Panshal al-Marhji

Gravebinder of Siwal


In his plain robes of little adornment, Panshal al-Marhji could easily be mistaken for a common beggar if it weren’t for his talking drum slung constantly at his side, and his magical ankh-club with its ornate carvings. He is, in fact, one of the lower Gravebinders of Siwal – a loyal servant of Kadir al-Shaba but also a dedicated family man who loves his wife and dotes on his beautiful daughter, Aiysha.



Panshal’s normal station is near the Anubis Gate to the South of The Grand Necropolis. The Gravebinders will often have one of their number on duty at night outside of the Necropolis in a small hut nearby, but Panshal very rarely takes on this duty, preferring to spend time at home in the city with his family.

He is armed with an ankh-shaped club, intricately carved and known to be magical, and as with all Gravebinders, his talking drum and stick (used for rituals pertaining to the Undead) are kept with him at all times.

Around Yuletide, The Oooze gained the respect of Panshal and a considerable award from him when they rescued his daughter, Aiysha, from almost certain Undeath in the Necropolis of Siwal.

Panshal al-Marhji

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