Female Human Sorceress of Zobeck


Pai is a good looking woman that obviously comes from a good home, although by the way her clothes are slightly faded, it is possible she may have seen better times. She has dark hair and dark eyes, surrounds herself in intrigue and mystery, is friendly to all, but friends to few.



Pai lives in the College District of Zobeck and currently earns a living by conducting research on behalf of The Arcane Collegium. She has limited and innate sorceress skills and is more interested in social climbing than building her own arcane power. She has her eyes on several possible candidates at the moment. One of these is Arcael, whom she believes to be of Imperious Bloodline, like herself.

She spends much of her working time at the library but can also be found browsing in THE BOOK FETISH or relaxing in THE HEDGEHOG TAVERN.


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