Orin Ironale

Metal engraver in The House of Mehmet


In a small shed at the side of the main gateway of The House of Mehmet, you will find the offices of Orin Ironale. He is old and needs glasses to do his work but he is a hard worker and is always present at his engraving works six days a week. He has given up his mithral chain mail for fine cloth and a good quality hood that keeps the bright Nurian light out of his eyes while he works.



Orin is an old dwarven smith who in his latter years has swopped the dwarven maul for the more delicate panel pin hammer. Instead of beating out sheet metal for swords, he now does intricate chain work and fine engraving for a living.

He has many fine tools and, for such an old dwarf, is not even all that grumpy. He does much fine work for the many affluent tourists that visit the caravanserai and also works on commissions for nobles and royalty.

He is happy to work with any metal but is also equally as capable on glass and even leather.

He says he likes working at the caravanserai because it means he doesn’t have to deal with religious zealots.

Orin Ironale

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