Onzeen Orbeyes

Kobaldi Official in the New Foreigners' Ghetto


The Standard Kobaldi Official in the New Foreigners’s Ghetto is to be addressed as “Sir” but he will actually be named something like “Onzeen Orbeyes” – he or she will usually be of the Orbeyes family. They wear only light robes and usually hold a clipboard and pen.



The Kobaldi Officials working in the New Foreigner’s Ghetto under Rosa Klebb are all specialists at drawing out proceedures, copying pages in triplicate (slowly and accurately) and generally making sure that people go to the back of the queue at least once per visit. They do not wear any armour and seem to be armed only with a truncheon like rod (although most will have a secret dagger hidden under their belt).

They are scrupulous and meticulous and are experts at applying the Law of the Ghetto to any situation or individual. They serve only Rosa Klebb and even “boss around” the Edjet guards stationed in the place. There is nothing they love more than being able to sentence foreigners to the Kangaroo Court for the slightest of infringements, or even for no reason at all.

Onzeen Orbeyes

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