Nosmo King

Professional scribe and magical Adept at the Arcane Collegium


Nosmo King holds his head up high among his peers. With his regal robes and his respected office (for a kobold) he prides himself on being both a senior administrator as well as a promising Adept at the world famous Arcane Collegium. He always carries quill and parchment wherever he goes, but he rarely leaves the college unless on college business.


Nosmo is proud of the place he has made for himself. His parents had been kobold king and queen for a few years, and in that time ensured his education and literacy. Sending him to the Ironcrag Kingdom of Hammerfell for an indentured period of 10 years, where he worked as both gempicker and scribe, eventually attaining office as a high scribe for Chief Smith Jostli Schmeid.

On returning to Zobeck, he accepted work as a scribe for the Arcane Collegium, and after five years excelled in his promoted role as Illuminator for the Collegium Library, during which time he was also a consultant on the intricate system of traps installed at the college. His love of trapmaking sparked a further interest in magic, and with the blessing of the college, and in particular, the arcanist Tranmus the Tall, he has kept his position as scribe and illuminator, while at the same time, fulfilling part-time studies as an Adept within the college itself.

He is an inquisitive and cunning kobold and knows almost everyone in the college, lecturers, students and staff. He is very accommodating and is well-liked by most, although there are still some of the Imperious bloodline who do not feel kobolds should hold such exalted position. Strangely, Tranmus is not one of these, and seems to devote special attention to the little creature, demanding loyalty and respect, and earning him the coveted position of Personal Assistant to the Exiles of Allain, even although Nosmo has only ever been to Allain as a travelling companion of Tranmus, the Head of the Order.

Nosmo King

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