Nadran Gonesk

Female Human Archer and Proprietor of the Clarsaya School of Archery


The beauty of this “daughter of Perun” is legendary in Zobeck, as is her casual disregard for most men, unless they happen to be rangers or students of her own. Her school is situated near the warehouses of the northern Dock District on the borders of the Citadel District, where she also lives.



Nadran is a master fletcher from Clarsaya in Perunalia who has been living in Zobeck for about 15 years. She opened the Clarsaya School of Archery about 5 years ago in competition to the Citadel School and the Society of Rangers School. She specialises in training women, although she will train anyone who can afford to pay the fees.

She had known Arca Domina’s mother in Perunalia and since meeting the young monk, she has taken her under her wing as a daughter of her own. Although Nadran is not as experienced a fighter as the masters of the other schools, her Perunalian heritage and her knowledge of bowstringing and arrow crafting give her a slight edge over those schools and membership of her small school is increasing.

Nadran Gonesk

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