Nabil abd-Zaahir

Acting High Priest of Aten


Nabil is a noble man, and a well respected man of the community. He never sought power and was made ACTING HIGH PRIEST purely due to the untimely death of the previous High Priest, who could not recover from an age induced illness.



The previous High Priest of ATEN died a few months ago of a disease brought on by old age. Nabil has been acting High Priest in that time while the highly intricate rituals of choosing a new High Priest are worked through the motions. Nabil is not expected to be given the Office, and it is more likely that a Priest will be sent from Nuria Natal, but in the meantime, Nabil tries to keep things running as best he can, administering to the Sultan, conducting affairs in the church and attending regular meetings at the Temple-Library.

The player characters will know of the passing of the old High Priest, as they will have passed his mausoleum in the Grand Necropolis a few months ago when they disturbed the evil schemes of the Necromancer Ramzhi al-Sharif.

Nabil abd-Zaahir

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