Mustapha Ibrahim

Good looking manager of The Black Nurian


A good looking fairly young man, who is always pleasant and courteous to his guests, he is known throughout the Triolan Quarter for his charismatic personality, his showmanship and his attention to detail in the establishment he attends to.



Of all the bar managers of the Triolan Quarter, perhaps even in the whole of Harkesh, Mustapha is the most likeable. Perhaps this is because he is not actually an owner of the establishment he runs. Perhaps it is just because he is a naturally pleasant person. In any case, those Jambuka who wish to have a pleasant evening without rubbing shoulders with lowlife, will usually spend their time in The Black Nurian in favour of the other places available.

Mustapha is a seemingly religious man who appears to be open to all forms of AZURAN, no matter what WIND element. Those who trully know him will know that he is a secret worshipper of THOTH-HERMES, hardly a surprise, since he works for The Green Slate Carriers of Ushanti, a group controlled by The Scriptorium of Thoth-Hermes.

Mustapha has gone to great lengths to make The Black Nurian a pleasant and romantic place. His idea to house the Candle Drakes was haled as nothing short of genius, and he maintains a very close relationship with these creatures.

Not much is known of his history but he is definitely of Annite origin and used to live in Nuria Natal. Some say he was once a cleric, others that he was once a mage. Some say he used to be a noble and that he has royal blood. Whatever the true history, he has done extremely well for his employers and seems to be on very good terms with the more important human dignitaries that visit the tavern.

Mustapha Ibrahim

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