Mr Tommy Visconti

Entertainment Manager at Ye Olde Salty Snail


Bright, flamboyant and always a showstopper himself, Mr Tommy Visconti is the final word when it comes to choosing musicians to perform in the “Sleaze Pit” of Ye Olde Salty Snail.



Mr Tommy Visconti was a bard originating from Paveto, the backwater town of Valera’s northwest, home to footloose mercenaries, bad musicianship and street brawls. He easily became one of the most sought after bards in his town, but after several musical ventures, found he had a knack for recognising talent and for arranging concerts and events.

He worked for about ten years in one of the most unruly taverns of Paveto, but eventually had to leave in a hurry after some “trouble” with the parents of some young musicians in his troupe. He left town quickly and soon made his way into the Triolan Quarter of Harkesh, spending some time working as a minstrel before rediscovering his managerial talents again in the employ of Michael Machiavelli of Ye Olde Salty Snail.

He has held his position here for over ten years and is trusted by his boss to find the sleaziest and most appropriate entertainers for his punters – a crowd of scheming, nefarious rogues with an extremely limited appreciation of the arts.

Mr Tommy Visconti

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