The prettiest regular at Ye Old Darakhul


Morgiana is one of the prettiest faces to frequent the rooms of Ye Olde Darakhul and is popular with most all patrons of the place. Little is known about her history but she is good friends with Khuldjan and she is said to be on very favourable terms with the black salt merchant, Abdul Ali Hamsa.



Anybody who takes an interest in Morgiana outside of her presence at Ragged Tooth Ralph’s establishment will find out that she is a bit of an ambivert. While appearing outgoing and flirtatious at the bar, she is actually quite introverted in her personal life as a scribe and documenter. She makes most of her money from freelance work taking inventories and gathering information from the various caravans in and out of the city and has an exclusive deal with Captains of the Sandships.

For any men who think she may be an easy prize, it is also known that she is an expert fighter in both hand to hand combat and swordmastery. It is also whispered that she was once a dancer with the famous Zahra-al-Zaina, although this is largely unconfirmed.


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