Mister Corpulent



A selfish, greedy and amoral merchant from the Tarnish area of Lower Zobeck, Mister Corpulent runs a seedy bizarre in his home area and is fat, some might say unnaturally fat. He is a known adversary and business rival of the half-gnome Master Doldrum.



Both Corpulent and Doldrum have fingers in countless pies in the ramshackle area of derelict buildings and rusty old gears and cogs that make up THE TARNISH. He is usually always armed with a magical short sword and a light crossbow and it is said he is a master of being able to make himself “unseen” in any dangerous situation, but that he is definitely the kind of person to “hold a grudge.”

Killed by SCHMIDT HAPPENS in the tower of Old Kaple’s Workhouse in Tarnish, Lower Zobeck.

Mister Corpulent

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