Michael Macchiavelli

Ex-Inquisitor and owner of Ye Olde Salty Snail


A quiet looking man, with a sharp glance, Macchiavelli is plainly dressed curt towards those that are not his friends. He is not overly courteous, and punters who wish to complain are much better off speaking to one of his staff members.



Michael Macchiavelli was an eldritch inquisitor from the Theocracy of Kammae Straboli in the Seven Cities before arriving in Harkesh as a trade ambassador about 20 years ago, and using some of his ill gotten gains to buy the premises for this most foul den of iniquity. Even the Triolan Jambuka do not frequent this place unless they are wanting something “under the table”. Kobolds and Dragonkin are not openly welcomed by the clientelle, but neither are they shunned by the establishment. The result is that most punters in this place are either looking to make shady deals, or are looking for something even worse.

There are several private rooms and cubicles in his bar where all manner of clandestine meetings take place and the authorities NEVER visit. Even when they do, Machiavelli always seems forewarned and is able to put on a semi-respectable face, leading most to believe that he has a very special relationship with Triolan Quarter Military Overlord, Vladimir Potemkin

He is usually busy in meetings of his own and is not openly friendly to many of his customers. Most people do well to avoid him, and that is the way he seems to like it, although it is thought that he has close connections with many of the city’s most secretive groups.

For further information about his establishment, visit Ye Olde Salty Snail

Michael Macchiavelli

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