Masahir al-Jilan



This young Qamari cleric is often found in the centre of the city handing out cups of healing water to all who pass, regardless of cult, religion, race or belief. Although this sort of outreach work is approved by the Church of NUN and NAUNET, it is not an attitude shared by all within the city walls. Many citizens will scowl as they pass the young priest in the city centre, but Masahir just smiles and carries on with his work.



Masahir al-Jilan is well respected among the poor and disenfranchised but not always well liked by the general populace of Siwal. Nonetheless, he has never turned away any humanoid seeking healing, comfort or guidance. Because of this, he is beloved of the Kobolds of Siwal and the Church of NUN and NAUNET receives regular donations from Great Rastus, King of Kobolds as well as support from Ragged Tooth Ralph.

He very kindly tended to the wounds and symptoms of exposure suffered by Karn Gudin on her arrival in the city, even although SEGGOTAN has no place of worship in the city.

Masahir was sadly killed by the Assassin of the Cult of the Howling God.

Masahir al-Jilan

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