M'thanth the Mocking



M’thanth the Mocking wears a continual sneer but overall his appearance is smart and he is usually well dressed. Although he is a bard, he does not play any instruments, his skills lying in oratory skills and nasty joke telling. He is gnomish in appearance, which doesn’t do him any favours, although he is quick to point out that he is only HALF gnome and that this was through the cruel rape of his mother by the evil bandits of Neimheim.



M’thanth the Mocking is a well-known orator and comedian from the bars of Lower Zobeck and the Dock District. He is known for his sharp and nasty jokes as well as his cruel treatment of hecklers and is not well liked as a person, although his cruel wit is appreciated in lowly bars. He usually works at least one night a week somewhere in Zobeck. However, during the day he is a private oratory tutor to rich clientelle. It is whispered that he is a tutor in the dark arts and although this has never really been established, the rumour is somewhat strengthened by his half-gnome side, a quality which breeds suspicion and contempt almost anywhere in Midgard.

He lives in relatively luxurious guarded apartments in the Merchant District of Zobeck. Outside of his work and his character-slashing comedy performances, he keeps to himself and has very few friends. For some reason unknown to most, Arcael is ONE of these friends.

M’thanth the Mocking was found killed by his friend, Arcael. Nothing was ever proved but it was suspected that he may have got in with the “wrong crowd”. Some say THE CLOVEN NINE had something to do with it, but those who knew M’thanth also knew that he had many enemies.

M'thanth the Mocking

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