Young girl infused with the magic of many years' slumber.



Young girl with blonde hair and a quiet disposition. She sometimes smiles but rarely laughs and her eyes are deep as forest lakes.


Lyla was the young girl rescued from the magical slumber of the Honey Queen of Effildawnan. She appears to be about 11 years old though in truth she has been alive for much longer, infusing the deep magic of THE OLD MARGREVE in her care under the reign of a magical Honey Bee Queen for many years.

Since SCHMIDT HAPPENS brought her to ZOBECK, she has been taken care of by Arcael who has arranged a home under the stewardship of his good friend, Gustav Reinke while he explores a placement for her within the ARCANE COLLEGIUM in an effort to tap into her inherent magical powers.

While Arcael and the Oooze have been in the Southlands, wardship of Lyla has been taken over by Tranmus the Tall. He has officially adopted her into his family and she has started accelerated Sorceress training, having already developed herself to a Level Five Sorceress.


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