Lord Volstaff Graymark

Ex-Consul and shrewd businessman of Zobeck


Always dressed in the finest robes, but rarely seen in the streets of Zobeck, Lord Graymark is known to have his fingers in many pies. He has several successful businesses but is also suspected of having a hand in some of the darker trades in town, and some whisper that he may even be involved with The Cloven Nine. He certainly has a good relationship with Tyron and maintains a private box at The Silk Scabbard.



The businesses of Lord Graymark may be found all over the city. He has various shops in the Market and the Dockyards, is an honorary member of several of the industries, including The Geargrinder’s Guild and The Steamworkers’ Union, and has other interests that extend into the Merchant District, where it is said he has shares in The Coopers’ Union and The Six Lantern Playhouse.

He is a shareholder of the MINT with the title “Master of Coin” but his most widespread wealth is through the wooltrade and some rumours whisper that he has a secret controlling share of the Honourable Order of Weavers.

He is known to have a keen interest in the arts and it is rumoured he has an extensive private collection in a guarded cellar deep below his mansion in the Market District. Many rumours surround the man, including unproven links to The Cloven Nine

He was previously one of the Consuls of Zobeck but has previously stepped down from that post to concentrate on his businesses. it is said that he is also taking an interest in the development of new businesses and establishments in Zobeck and, as part of this, he has taken a shine to a young traveller from the South by the name of Xavier.

Lord Volstaff Graymark

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