Lord Ulfer Frazo

One of the Children of Demon Mountain



Ulfer Frazo is always decked out in black. He prefers to wear his famour black full plate armour when he enters a town on official business but thereafter, he will usually change into fine robes or light armour, bedecked with the ostentatious jewellery associated with a Lord of DEMON MOUNTAIN.


The impressive black plate mail worn by Ulfer Tarrick Frazo when he visits Zobeck or any other town is for show only, as he is actually a HIGH LEVEL tiefling magus. The plate mail armour must be worn at the beginning of all official visits to other cities on strict instruction of his father, The Master of Demon Mountian who resides in CASTLE DONTRONA on the Rothenian Plains.

Ulfer Frazo is one of several “CHILDREN OF DEMON MOUNTAIN” and each have their own specialties. One of Frazo’s main interests is throwing lavish parties, inviting prominent dignitaries from all over the world. His merchant speciality is wine, and having married a rich Zobeck wine merchant’s daughter, he has quite an empire that sells high quality wine all over Midgard. With such a wide network of trade, he has also built up a fine network of spies and has good contacts with all the major thieve’s guilds and trade guilds in most large cities in Midgard.

Lord Ulfer Frazo

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