Leonid Volvograd

Dragonkin Daylight Gatekeeper to the Triolan Quarter


Leonid is a well built dragonkin with a keen eye but a generous nature. He is generally on friendly terms with his regulars and knows the important players in the soft skinned population. He also knows the different attitudes of the captains and his behaviour generally reflects the Officer on duty at the time.



It is the duty of the Daylight Gatekeeper to allow the free flow of inhabitants of the Quarter in and out of the gate without obstruction, while at the same time keeping an eye on anything that may look suspicious. Leonid is not one to cause trouble, but during guard duty of Captain Temujin Khitai he tends to be a little more officious than usual, checking Trade Permits and asking more questions than usual.

For the most part, he is a “live and let live” kind of guard, but he will not tolerate anything illegal if he finds it, and will think nothing of blowing his whistle to alert the guards in the nearby Governor’s Office, if he believes there is anything going on that would endanger the city or even his position as Gatekeeper.

He is usually armed with just a dagger but he keeps a large two handed sword in his guard box, just in case.

Leonid Volvograd

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