Krispy Dacon

Kobaldi Concierge at The Cockle and Clam


The arrogant and dapper face at the front of house in one of the most upmarket establishments on the outskirts of the Triolan Quarter, Krispy will always be well dressed and attentive to Tavern guests, both scaly and smooth skinned alike.



All of the Kobold Staff in The Cockle and Clam are notoriously haughty, and Concierge Krispy of Clan Dacon is no exception, although it should be noted that this is not through any disdain of Jambuka but because these little critters actually see themselves as the creme de la creme of kobolds.

If truth be told, Krispy is actually very fond of the Jambuka he has met while living in Harkesh and he is always very attentive to the Tavern guests, though it must be said, more so towards those staying the night than towards day visitors just in for a drink. Nonetheless he keeps a keen eye on all who enter the door and is always ready to have a kobold servant ready to deliver when any essential services are required.

He has the absolute confidence of both Heraxus Gallipoli and Eduardo Vasili and even the Dragonkin and Minotaur bouncers will take instruction from him. He is very suave and therefore popular with the ladies, both scaly and soft skinned, but is also well thought of by visiting merchants and tradesmen.

It is rumoured among those in the know that he is also a contact for The Cold Diggers Union although he would of course, never admit to such a thing.

Krispy has built up a good relationship with Karn Gudin in the three years prior to The Oooze arriving in Harkesh, and is also now quite friendly with Goran.

Krispy Dacon

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