Freelance Caravan Guard and Mercenary


Khuldjan is one of the many freelance caravan guards for hire in the city to accompany caravans of either horse or camel or even sandship across many of the great trading routes from THE GARDEN CITY. He is tall and sleek and usually garbed in traditional robe and headdress of the Tamasheq, although he is himself of Nurian descent.

He is usually armed with a scimitar and a composite bow and he is one of the most outgoing representatives of freelance mercenaries, tending to do most of his business in and out of taverns.



Although often not available within the city due to his own private exploits on the various trading routes, Khuldjan represents many of the freelance caravan guards and mercenaries in the city, taking a small cut of any commissions he arranges.

While in the city, he can usually be found at Ye Olde Darakhul but he also regularly visits the Grand Souk and some of the other Inns and Taverns, always looking for a quick deal. He has great knowledge of the city traders, the various trade routes and the main cities along the River Nuria. He is friends with the gnolls of Siwal and has good contacts with most of the mercenaries for hire. He is also said to be affiliated to the CULT OF ANU-AKMA and it is even whispered that he is both fighter and oracle.

He is also friendly with Morgiana and Snakey Slithers, thus having good links to both The Sand Corsairs and the kobolds of Siwal, commonly known as The Sand Lizards of Siwal.


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