Kamal Assante



Kamal is a good looking and obviously wealthy Annite living in the Triolan Quarter, known to important personages as a “procurement specialist”. Nobody is quite certain where he lives but most people can find him by enquiring at any of the Triolan Quarter taverns. He is sometimes armed with a rapier but will not usually conduct open business with this in plain site.



There are rumours that Kamal’s “procurement specialities” are wont to cross lines of legality but nobody has ever proved this. It is not even sure that Kamal is his real name. He does not seem to have any friends, and yet is well known throughout the Quarter. Some say he has ties with the Brotherhood of the Scriptorium, even that he has dealings with “Cousins”. Others whisper that he has deals with the League of Lizards or that he is a member of The Merchants of Venice. More likely is that he is a lone operator, but he more than likely is loosely affiliated to at least one of the above.

Whatever his affilitions, he is a secretive chap, and will often turn up suddenly as if from nowhere. He is said to have arrived in Harkesh many years ago from Nuria Natal and almost nothing is known of his history in that land. He wears a symbol of Azuran of the Four Winds on his left shoulder.

Kamal Assante was killed in his hideaway by Arcael and The Oooze in their quest to find the Ritual of Travel Enhancement scroll.

Kamal Assante

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