Kadir al-Shaba

Chief Gravebinder of the Necropolis of Siwal



Kadir al-Shaba wears the dark brown robes of the Gravebinders and carries his talking drum with him at all times. His weapon is an ankh shaped club that is slung at his back. He has various pouches and slings holding incense, parchments, papyrus, and various substances used in his daily activities.


Kadir al-Shaba is the Chief Gravebinder of the Necropolis of Siwal. He will almost always be found at the Necropolis during the day, where he teaches the other gravebinders, tends to the graves, talks to the bereaved and conducts ceremonies of music and prayer in honour of ANU-AKMA, God of The Underworld.

He strictly obeys the Law of The Necropolis and will never enter into the Graveyard at night unless the Law has been broken or there is some other great need. As Chief Gravebinder, his duty is to Anu-Akma and the Garden City of Siwal. He respects the Law under Sultan Tayeb Al-Mamun as well as the dominant Religion of ATEN, but his prime allegiance is to ANU-AKMA. However, the Gravebinders do not regard themselves as part of the Cult of Anu-Akma, nor as members of the Church, but more as direct representatives of the God, and “shepherds” and carers of souls awaiting transportation to the Underworld.

Kadir al-Shaba commands nine lesser Gravebinders, one of whom is stationed nightly on the Hill of Crows, a gentle mound between the city and the necropolis, with a view of both. It is not so much as a guard post but a station of readiness, should it be required.

Kadir al-Shaba lives in a large walled house near the eastern section of the City of Siwal.

Kadir al-Shaba

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