Jorgen Hirkst

Nefarious Stable Hand of Zobeck


Jorgen is a very slim built human, by day dressed in dirty commoner clothing with the scent of horses heavy on him. He has short straggly hair and a devilish smile. By night he is dressed in a fine dark cloak and hat and armed with a variety of finesse based weapons.



Jorgen lives in the Market District of Zobeck servicing the carts and animals of visiting merchants and travellers. By night, however, using his knowledge of the routes being taken and the carts and loads involved, he takes to a horse in order to lighten the load of those very same merchants. He once made the mistake of attempting this technique on a younger Falathar and the hound which he purchased during his visit, In an attempt to steal the Elven Blade Falathar carried, Jorgen found himself receiving the blade in a very different manner than expected. Not one to unnecessarily end a life over something as small as attempted robbery, he was allowed to live; a fact which he is very appreciative of. Jorgen is very well connected with stable hands, Inn keepers, Fences and the local gate keepers at Zobeck – just as part of his highwayman activities, Hirkst and Falathar maintain a friendly rivalry and they are always happy to help each other so long as their goals do not conflict.

Jorgen Hirkst

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