Johnny Flash

Mysteriously disappeared


Johnny is the younger of the two Flash brothers. He usually has a trimmed moustache and carries both a truncheon and dagger, even when he is not armed with a sword. He prefers wearing a hooded cloak and used to be loyal to local hood, Jimmy Tarbuck. However, since Tarbuck was killed in a recent gangland skirmish, Johnny now holds an elevated position in the criminal underworld of the Dockland area.



Johnny Flash is a two-bit hoodlum from the Dockyards area of Zobeck working under the free agent minor crime boss, Jimmy Tarbuck. He has a brother, Tony Flash, who is currently being held by the townguard on suspicion of robbery and attempted rape. Johnny owes his life and freedom to Incendarius, who let him go after an inopportune meeting at the establishment of Dockyards fence, Ellese Callesh. Johnny believes in repaying debts and is happy to continue trading underworld dockyard information in return for small payments from the SCHMIDT HAPPENS Northlander.

The Tarbuck gang was a known force of crime in the Docklands area, but not serious enough to warrant any intervention by THE CLOVEN NINE, who had always been happy for others to take some of the heat in what was generally regarded as a HIGH CRIME area. Since the death of Jimmy Tarbuck, the gang has dissovled although it is thought that many of them have joined up with Johnny Flash.

Johnny was on good terms with Goran but mysteriously disappeared one day about three years after The Oooze’s return to Zobeck after Siwal.

Johnny Flash

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