Jim Al-Khalili

High Officer at the Palace of Ramon Marakesh


The personal attendant of Ramon Marakesh is a respected scholar in his own rite, having spent many years in the libraries and colleges of Nuria Natal before taking up with his master. He is usually dressed in fine robes and can usually always be found within the central offices of Marakesh’s great palace in Siwal.



Al-Khalili is said to have been a corsair from the City of Sar-Shaba before rejecting the life of sea warrior in favour of the puruit of knowledge. As a great scholar and valued thinker, he soon came to the attention of Marakesh who took him into his employ and, within only a few short years, elevated him to one of the most important posts in all of Siwal.

He is the direct go-between in all matters concering the collection of Mysteria, and in particular with the group from Zobeck, Arcael and The Oooze.

Jim Al-Khalili

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