Jafsa daughter of Yusra



Jafsa wears the royal blue colours of Isis. She is usually veiled and masked and this is partly for her own protection, as she walks fearlessly among the sick, tending wounds and healing maladies and infections. She is well loved by all mothers and children in Siwal.



Jafsa is well known in Siwal as a hard worker and friend to the poor. She operates from a small shrine near the centre of the city that is build around a spring said to contain healing waters. She is sometimes hard to find, as she is often travelling through the city, visiting the sick and the poor, taking care of children, and spending time with those she feels need her help.

Her mother Yusra is now a High Priestess in the House of Healing in Laksor, but Jafsa has tasked herself with devotion to the people of Siwal.

She is friends with and currently tending Xavier’s sister, Zandramas Pendragon.
She is also on excellent terms with Shamira Shahimila of The Staff and Scimitar but does not like to take up any offers of residence, as she feels that it both imposes on the host, and sends the wrong message to the poor and underprivileged.

She is usually guarded by seven bodyguards as she travels round the city. Although she may leave the bodyguards outside of residences if she is visiting.

All those guards meant nothing when it came down to it really, as Jafra daughter of Yusra was slain during afternoon prayers by the assassin of the Cult of the Howling God.

Jafsa daughter of Yusra

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