Ilyana Greymark

Tiefling daughter of Lord Greymark



Ilyana Greymark is the very alluring tielfing daughter of the Lord Greymark, Consul of Zobeck. She is dark and beautiful and yet seems to be continually seeking the approval of her father.


Ilyana became known to the party when they got embroiled in a plot to recover the lost Black Book of Confessions belonging to Lady Marack, Praetor of The Blue House.

Ilayana mingles in circles of High Society, using her natural charm to beguile and seduce the wealthy patrons of Zobeck. She is continually trying to establish the approval of her father, whom she feels would rather she were of his own pure race.

After the trouble over the misappropriated book, Ilyana left town on a barge heading downstream towards Runkelstad.

Ilyana Greymark

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