Hommnal Agic

Owner of Hommnal's Botannical Rooftop and the building on which is stands.


Hommnal is a quiet unassuming old gentleman who owns the entire building including shops, tenements and Zobeck’s famous rooftop. He does not take much interest in the running of the building, relying on his staff to take care of business. His real love is split between long days working with his plants, and night life in the city.



Hommnal Agic owns a five-storey tenement that borders the MARKET DISTRICT and LOWER ZOBECK, just on the water front. Atop this building lies Hommnal’s true passion and major source of income – a lush and overgrown botanical garden with multiple interlocking greenhouses and patios overburdened with ferns, saplings and hanging mosses. Hommnal has as small monopoly on certain fibres and extracts within Zobeck and supplies brewers, alchemists and cooks across the city. An honest businessman for the most part, Hommnal has found his garden declared a neutral and safe meeting place for a number of Zobeck’s criminal organisations. For serving tea and keeping silent, Hommnal avoid paying protection money to any group.

Hommnal Agic

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