Heraxus Gallipoli

Co-Proprieter of the Cockle and Clam


A rough, tough, no-nonsense ex war veteran in partnership with his minotaur life companion and business associate at the classiest joint in the Triolan Quarter, he is quick to anger and immensely strong.



It is said these two companions fought together in many of the wars of the Seven Cities. Quite why they decided to settle in a place like Harkesh is anybody’s guess, but Heraxus’s Edjet lineage certainly adds some weight to the couple’s status as proprietors of a bar in the Triolan Quarter.

It is said that Heraxus was a fierce mercenary in his day and he claims to have fought for various cities against various cities but never against the Mharoti Empire. The veracity of this claim can not ultimately be confirmed, but the authorities in Harkesh don’t mind too much. "Much better to have a ranking Edjet at the helm than a lowly Jambuka on his own.

Heraxus is a life and business partner of Eduardo Vasili in joint ownership of the tavern The Cockle and Clam.

Heraxus Gallipoli

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