Henry Ansara



Henry is a young, bright cleric of good Dornig lineage, although he has spent all his life in Zobeck. When armed he is dressed in chain mail and carries a simple scimitar at his side. As a Merciful Healer he has only one Domain: Healing and can channel only positive energy targeted at living beings. He has recently been released from duty and is on the lookout for adventure.

Presently, this Merciful Healing Archetype of the Church of Lada has simple lodgings in the Temple of Golden Lada, where he has studied and served for the last ten years. He is a GIFTED ADEPT and casts Cure Light Wounds as a caster above his level. His SACRED TOUCH trait allows him to automatically stabilize a dying character by touch and he can do this (or any healing) without conceding an attack of opportunity. Single DOMAIN: HEALING.

His feats are COMBAT CASTING, giving him +4 to concentration checks (CC + CL + Wis = +10), and SELF-SUFFICIENT, allowing him +2 (already added to HERO LAB) to all Healing Checks. He has spent many years administering to the poor and weak and so is quite familiar with Lower Zobeck and even the Kobold ghetto. He sometimes spends some time relaxing in The Wheatsheaf Tavern, where he is fairly well known and liked.

LEV 0: Detect Magic, Light, Read Magic
LEV 1: Bless, Protection from Evil, Remove Fear, Cure Light Wounds (D). (Spontaneous Casting)
Channel Positive Energy DC10 1d6 3 x day
Rebuke Death 1d4 + 1 to dying characters 8 x day.

Potion of Cure Light Wounds x2
Potion of Remove Disease x1



Henry Ansara was born in Zobeck of parents who had originated in Hirschberg in the Grand Duchy of Dornig. His parents, traders in wax candles, had moved to Zobeck to establish a new business and run a small stall in the Merchant District. As devout followers of Lada, they encouraged their son’s ambitions to be a cleric to that deity and are very proud of his achievements.

Henry Ansara has spent about ten years of study and apprenticeship with one of the priests working under Lucca Angeli and has been given leave by the Church to spend some time in the world as a SOLITARY, encouraged to build his life experience through worship of Lada, provide merciful healing to all souls in need, and to protect the poor and the weak wherever he finds them.

Henry Ansara

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