Harkesh Guard

Standard Edjet Guard in Harkesh


The standard guard in Harkesh is a seasoned war veteran who has been on at least one campaign. All dragonkin guards are of the Edjet class and are usually black, conferring DR5 acid, and use of associated breath weapon.



All Harkesh Guards of the dragonkin type are known for their strength and experience. All dragonkin guards in Harkesh are of the Edjet class and will be war-seasoned by at least one campaign. They usually wear chainmail and are armed with a heavy steel shield and magical longsword, although this may change in some instances.

All Dragonkin Harkesh Guards are chosen for their strength, constitution and agility. They are usually of the black variety, i.e. they have DR5 acid and are able to deploy an acid breath weapon in addition to their normal attack when in FULL ATTACK mode. Some guards may be of other racial groups.

Dragonkin Harkesh Guards will usually have Alertness, Focused Discipline, Toughness, Edjet Fighting skills and Reptilian Cunning. Although their base speed is 20’, they are never encumbered.

Most Dragonkin Harkesh Guards are worshippers of Azuran.

Special Note:
The magical longswords of the Harkesh Guards are specially marked and are easy to identify. The penalty for unauthorised possession is death. The penalty for trying to sell one of these swords is death. Typically, if a guard is killed, his sword is left on the ground until picked up by another guard. Kobaldi guards may be permitted to carry a sword if authorised by an Edjet to do so.

They are not usually on duty in the Triolan Quarter. Only Lieutenants operate in this sector. If no captain is present, they will usually be led by one of their number ordered by a Captain as part of a trial run in assessing suitability for higher rank.

Harkesh Guard

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