Gustav Reinke

Quiet family man who works at The Book Fetish


Gustav is an elderly man who works at The Book Fetish in the College District. He is known to be a quiet family man with a particular interest in accounts and literature of the Old Magocracies. He is strong for his age and will think nothing of getting up a ladder to look for an old book if he thinks it will interest one of his customers.



Gustav is a valued employee at The Book Fetish, both because of his dedication and his great knowledge of the times of the Great Magocracies. Outside of work, he does not socialize much, preferring to spend time with his wife and three older children, all adults now, but still living at home. His two daughters run a small loom operation and his son is a member of the town watch, married to a wife who serves boiled sweets in the Market Place.

Through his similar interests and constant visits to the book shop, Arcael has developed a good relationship with the old man.

When the party return from Siwal, Gustav also builds a strong relationshiip with Saabu Theet and gives him access to many secret and hidden tomes to research, mainly local historical stuff.

Gustav Reinke

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