Well connected human rogue in the Free City of Zobeck


Grigori is a ubiquitous rogue from the Free City of Zobeck. He can be found in any of the taverns around town but seems to be particularly fond of the WHEATSHEAF TAVERN in Lower Zobeck and the SILK SCABBARD at the three-way junction of Upper Zobeck, Lower Zobeck and the Kobold Ghetto. The party first meet him when he asks for their assistance in finding Ilyana Greymark.


Most people are not sure of what Grigori does for a living but few are in any doubt that whatever it is lies on or beyond the fringes of legality. Although he is quiet and secretive, he seems “well connected” and after conversations with the party, it should become obvious that he is a member of “THE CLOVEN NINE”, the most notorious thieves’ and rogues’ guild in Zobeck.


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