Emir Beg Khan Malik of the Qamari

Head of a Royal Qamari Household in Siwal


Beg Khan is the head of the royal house of Qamari in Siwal and lives in his own palace in the Southern sector of the city. He seldom walks around the streets unless it is to visit either the Palace of The Sultan, the Temple Library of Thoth-Hermes or the Temple of Horus. He is always clad in the most exquisite clothing known to man and, due to his station, has many high level contacts both within and without the city.



As head of a Royal Family with its lineage meticulously traced back to the Moon Kingdom of the Annites when Cindass and Roshgazi were ruled by Minotaurs, Beg Khan is accutely aware of his heritage and most proud of it. His two teenage sons, Alphons and Alamein, have been carefully educated under the scripture of The Code of Horus but are both absent from the city as they are currently studying magic in Bemmea.

The Emir himself is a well educated man, both in the Code of Horus and in the ancient Arcane texts of Nuria Natal. Indeed, he himself underwent part of his training directly under the tutorship of King Thutmoses the 23rd. His wealth knows no bounds and he is the envy even of the successful merchants Ramon Marakesh and Abdul Ali Hamsa, both of whom are friends of the royal household, and regular visitors at his palace.

He has almost daily meetings with the Grand Vizier and is on affable terms with the Sultan himself. Most of his spare time is spent studying and researching both arcane magic and ancient scripture and he takes a vivid interest in all cults and religions, even though he himself is a devout disciple of HORUS.

The wife of the Emir is not usually present at the household as she is a devout servant of ISIS and lives in the School of Healing in Laksor. Occasionally, the Emir will visit that city and spend time with his beloved and sometimes she will visit him in Siwal but always does so in secret and without ceremony. Although they live apart, their souls are forever entwined.

Apart from being one of the greatest sages in the Garden City of Siwal, Emir Beg Khan is also an accomplished Theurge of the Thirteenth Level.

Emir Beg Khan Malik of the Qamari

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