Ellese Callesh

Bright haired, bright eyed, pointy eared trader in contraband



Bright auburn hair, pointed elfmarked ears and a lithe build make Ellese an easily recognisable figure in the streets of the Market District where she spends most of her time.


Having once been a healer in service to the Golden Temple of Lada, Ellese became involved in the buying and selling of Black Market goods through some of her patients at the temple. With her high charisma and her Haunted oracle curse dictating minor mishaps, it is perhaps not so strange that she took to this line of work in preference to a career in healing.

She lives in a modest house in the Dock District and is known by her friends to be able to get that which is not easy to get. Due to her outgoing nature, she has many friends and contacts, one of these being Yander, whom she met in The Wheatsheaf Tavern.

Recently, Ellese has started to take a shine to that up and coming mandolin player, Brandon Kane.

Ellese Callesh

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