Elias Warmine

Venerable dwarven mechanic of Siwal


Old, even for a dwarf, with a silver beard that is the envy of Siwal’s dwarven population, Elias is bent and crooked with years of work in the forges of his father as well has his many years as Siwal’s most celebrated clocksmith. He usually wears drab brown clothing but is also partial to Mithral jewellery.



Elias Warmine is one of the oldest dwarves living in Siwal. Originally from the city of Per-Bastet, where he worked for years in the forges of his father, making not only weapons, but also fine jewellery from the gold, mithral and diamonds mined from the city’s nearby northern heights, after a period of 100 years servitude, he was granted a scholarship in Zobeck where he spent fifty years working in the Geargrinder’s Guild, proving himself worthy enough to be trained in the mechanics of Gearforged construction and maintenance.

Working closely with the priests of RAVA, Elias built a good reputation for himself and spent a further 50 years working as a specialist clockmaker but also consultant to the Soulgem Academy, the most illustrious department in the Geargrinder’s Guild network, involving some of the most intricate gear work and collaboration with the divine aspect of injecting life into inanimate objects.

He chose the young Angus Short as his personal assistant and taught the dwarf almost everything he knew. When Elias’s father died, he returned to Per-Bastet but his seven brothers were already running the forge and offered to pay him a share. Elias took this money and moved to Siwal, starting his own business making highly decorative clocks and other complicated devices.

No Gearforged have ever been made in Siwal but it is said that if anyone could accomplish such a thing, then it would be “Old Elias”. Elias is quite religious and regularly pays homage to THOTH-HERMES but in his heart, it is the master craftmanship of PTAH that inspires him.

Elias Warmine

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