Eddie and his Boys

A dwarven artisan from Capleon and his four human workers


Eddie is a dwarven fine metal worker from Capleon, but originally from one of the Dwarven Cantons. His “boys” are all human artisans skilled in metal crafting and the group conversed with the party while on the ship to Harkesh. One of Eddie’s workers, Mr Pink, was killed on the journey but those that survived include Mr Blonde, Mr Blue, Mr Brown and Mr Orange. They are favourably disposed toward the party.



Eddie and his boys all seem to be quite physically weak, but due to the events on The Nautilus and the party’s defeat of both the Sahuagin and the Phase Vamire, they will be fairly friendly with the party and may possibly be useful allies in times to come, if the party so wish.

Eddie and his Boys

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