Charles Cheddar

Eccentric Naked Cheesemonger of Zobeck



Charles Cheddar is the most esteemed cheesemonger in Zobeck and is known as much as for his eccentricities as for his superior quality cheese. One of these is always being naked while working the cheese. This is to stop tiny particles of cloth from ruining the organic blend of the substance. In the interests of “public decency”, he wears clothes when he is actually selling his cheese on the Market Stall at the weekends. (One of his assistants sells during the week.)


Being a newly voracious consumer of cheese of all types, it is not surprising that Old Ben Gone would have quickly established a good relationship with one of Zobeck’s weirdest citizens. Charles Cheddar is from a noble line of Cheesemakers that have been highly esteemed even in the early years of Stross Family Rule.

It was Charles’ father, “Gorgeous George” who first started the tradition of removing his clothes when making cheese, because, as he put it at the time, “the fraying threads mix into the air and the cheese, destroying the organic process.” After the death of Gorgeous George in an unfortunate winter swimming accident, his son Charles carried on both the business and the tradition.

The whereabouts of the Cheddar Cheese Factory are kept secret but it is widely believed to exist somewhere in the GEAR DISTRICT. Charles only works on the MERCHANT DISTRICT stall at weekends, with his assistant Billy Wensleydale running the stall during the week.

Being a popular figure at weekend market shopping outings, Charles Cheddar hears and helps to spread many local rumours. He is one of the few Zobeckians to befriend the smelliest member of SCHMIDT HAPPENS, Old Ben Gone, but deals with him only at weekends, being very careful not to invite him to his secret factory, where someone like OLD BEN may have a serious detrimental effect in the making of his wonderful organic range.

Charles Cheddar

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