Celia Black

Human Female Rogue affiliated to the Bargeman's Fellowship of Zobeck


Dark haired and enigmatic, Celia lives, works and hangs out in the Dock District of Zobeck. She is a well-known member of the Bargeman’s Fellowship and it is sometimes whispered she is a member of other guilds as well.



Celia Smith is an Inventory Clerk for the Bargeman’s Fellowship of Zobeck. As such, she knows a lot of what is coming into and leaving the city. The Bargeman’s Fellowship is a close-knit society and they do not open their ranks easily. Celia is no exception.

When she is not at work, she rarely leaves the Dock District. She is well known but not very approachable and tends to keep to herself and a few close colleagues. It is said that she is “well connected” and she is usually left alone by the rowdy men of the Dockside Taverns. At nights, her preferred watering hole is THE DANCING BEAR. She is friendly with Anastrianna.

Celia Black

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