Cassandra Per-Aten

Reception Stewardess and Priestess of Thoth-Hermes


Cassandra Per-Aten is one of the Stewards at the Library Temple of Thoth Hermes. She is a level five cleric but has higher authority due to her position as sage and steward librarian. She usually works in the front desk and is in charge of reception at both the temple and the library.



As a cleric of Thoth-Hermes, Cassandra does have certain religious rituals to attend to but her main focus is as one of the Stewards of the Library. Her designated area of work is reception and she will most usually be found in the large entrance chamber of the Temple Library, where she officiates over several other librarians, adepts and other complimentary but lowly workers.

She was originally brought up by her mother in Laksor’s school of healing, but was brought to Siwal by her uncle when her mother died of sandflake disease. Studying in the art of healing under Master Cleric Cedric Sampson, she also tore into the books of the libary with ferocious enthusiasm and showed a high propensity not only for the accumulation of knowledge but for meticulous categorisation. This was rewarded by a librarianship, and after ten years was rewarded further with her present position as Steward.

There are nine stewards in the Temple Library and nine Master Clerics, all operating under a triumvirate of High Priest, Chief Librarian and Keyholder of Siwal.

She is currently in a relationship with Saabu Theet.

Cassandra Per-Aten

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