Carla Siccone

Dark haired olive-skinned owner of The Wheatsheaf Tavern


Carla Siccone is a dark haired, olive-skinned veteran Septime from Valera in the Seven Cities region. She is courteous and friendly to all her guests but will not tolerate insolence toward herself or her staff and does not approve of any open abuse of women in her tavern. She is known to be an expert wielder of the bastard sword and keeps one permanently displayed on the back wall of the bar.



Not much is known about Carla Siccone’s past but it is certain she was an experienced soldier of rank in various wars and confrontations within the Seven Cities region before arriving in Zobeck with much coin and prestige.

She has been the owner of The Wheatsheaf Tavern for over ten years and in that time has built up many contacts on varying levels. Undoubtedly, due to the nature of the clientele, it goes without saying that Carla must have good contacts with both The Cloven Nine and The Redcloaks but it is also apparent that The City Watch tend to leave her tavern alone and it is even said by some that the place is specially “watched over” by The Spyglass Guild.

The Wheatsheaf is not a place for high society to meet and yet it is not inconceivable that Carla still has very powerful links with high ranking military personalities in and around Zobeck. One thing is sure though – the Wheatsheaf Tavern is run very much in The Wheatsheaf Way and not much in all of Zobeck could hope to change that.

Carla Siccone

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