Captain Wadir

Young Captain of Siwal City Guard


With a look betraying a previous life without charm, this young captain is nonetheless quite well turned out in either his desert garb or his Garden City uniform. He is armed with a single obsidian cutlass and demands respect throughout the city.



Young, smart, and most of all, ambitious, Captain Wadir is from a humble background but is true Qamari stock of the kind born and bred in the desert. His parents were clothmakers but his aspirations reached higher. Although he had no formal education, he took an interest in all things social and historical. Starting out with an unpaid job sweeping the steps of the Library-Temple of Thoth-Hermes, he soon learned to recognize those of importance and to converse accordingly, thus endearing himself to the right people.

After a mere two years of sweeping, he was offered a place in the Town Guard and soon showed that he was an excellent swordsman as well as a just and noble champion of the law. Within a couple of years he was made a sergeant and just last year promoted to Captain. He is cool, calm and collected but is the kind of man that never misses a trick. Most of all, however, he is fanatically loyal to the city, the sultan and the Grand Vizier.

Captain Wadir

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