Captain Hendryk

Gruff town guardsman with a warped sense of justice


A slight man with a thick but well-trimmed, coal-black beard, Hendryk looks at everything with a mercenary eye. Richly appointed for a guardsman, he has little kindness and feels he runs a business. Pay, and you’ve purchased your safety. Snub him, and you’ll just pay another way.

The party will be aware of this man and his nature, as he is often first to the scene in any gathering. He is not much a of a music fan and doesn’t like lowly bards, although he would easily ingratiate himself with nobles and prominent townsfolk. He usually leads a roving patrol in Lower Zobeck, consisting of three human thugs, all of whom hate kobolds.



Sometimes dealing with the Watch is worse than dealing with the problem at hand. Times when Sergeant Hendryk darkens your door are just such times.

The illegitimate son of a barrister guildmaster, Hendryk got his position in the Watch through his father’s influences. The cloak and the appointment were his father’s final supporting gifts.

For further insight into his views of the city and some of its inhabitants, overhear this conversation.

Captain Hendryk

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