Arius Heritage

Male Human Ranger of The Order of Arms and Archery


Arius Heritage is a tall man, who may be dressed in armour, fine clothes, rags, explorer’s outfit or any other dress that his varied role as both a member of the Society of Rangers and Order of Arms and Archery requires. He does not speak much to strangers and prefers the company of other rangers.



Arius is a Ranger of the Society and a respected member of The Order of Arms and Archery based in the Merchant District. He is experienced, well respected and has strong ties with both the Citadel and the City Guard.

As a young member of the Society, Anastrianna looked up to Arius and he himself took a shine to her. They are quite friendly and he will often give her the advice of his experience if she asks. He lives and works in the Merchant District, although his duties also take him out of the city confines for days on end.

Arius Heritage

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