Angus Short

Male Dwarven Clockwork Mechanic of the Geargrinders' Guild


Angus Short is a friendlier dwarf than most but he is still not really a “people’s person”, preferring to devote his life to clocks and clockwork devices. Outside of his work for the Guild, he sometimes visits THE BOOK FETISH to study but is more often seen in his local bar, The Wheatsheaf Tavern, in Lower Zobeck.



Angus comes from a long line of Canton Dwarves and was born in the Canton of Hammerfell. Having lived in Zobeck for many years, he has a fascination with working devices that has gained him a good reputation at the Geargrinders’ Guild where he works as an under manager in the clockwork section of the factory.

Some of the work that the Guild undertake is for the Church of Rava. The Guild has a contract with the Church to repair their GEARFORGED and it was during his years of service to the church that Truman Click built up a good relationship with the dwarf. After 12 years, they have become quite good friends.
Angus is also friends with Lord Flasheart. Although they get on well, they also both see their friendship as an investment toward future goals.

Angus Short is also quite friendly with Iwandornless Walderin (Iron Wall). It was this dwarf who actually completed the RITUAL OF SOULFORGING on the Gearforged warrior, after Iron Wall had lain dormant for many years.

Angus Short

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