Abdul Bashir

Trade Ambassador of Siwal in Nuria Natal


Resplendant in fine coloured cloth, laced with gold and silver braiding, this ebony skinned man projects the wealth and power of his master, Ramon Marakesh. He is always accompanied by two attendants, each armed with scimitars and having some skill in magic.



Abdul Bashir is the Trade Ambassador of Siwal, excercising authority and control over all trade in and out of the city. This includes the great Caravan and Wagon trails to ISHADIA in the East and and NURIA NATAL in the West, as well as trade with the Kushites to the South. He also controls the coming and going of the great Sandships that travel across the River of Sand to PER-BASTET. Although, in name, he serves directly under High Vizier Akil ibn Khaldun, it is well known that he is firmly in the pocket of that great merchant of Siwal, Ramon Marakesh.

More recently, he has been part of the great trade expansion with the North, arranged by Alexei Splitleaf of Allain from his home in Zobeck, with the help of a dwarven airship supplied by the Canton Dwarves of TEMPLEFORGE. As such, the Ambassador has recently visited Zobeck, staying as a guest of Alexei Splitleaf and visiting many dignitaries, including Mayor Karillian Gluck, Lord Volstaff Greymark and Kuromak, Kobold King of Kings, with a special visit via SECRET SHADOW ROADS to Her Royal Eminance, Beloved Imperatrix Regia Moonthorn Kalthenia-Reln van Dornig.

The visit to Zobeck and The North is a special ambassadorial visit, after which, he will usually stay in the Royal Palace in Siwal and restrict travelling to NURIA NATAL and PER-BASTET.

Abdul Bashir

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