Abdul Ali Hamsa

Merchant trader in black salt


With his well tailored gowns, and his open visitations throughout the city, one could be forgiving for thinking that Abdul Ali Hamsa is a friend of the people, but business adversaries will tell otherwise, and most people who go against him are almost never seen again. He is continually guarded by hidden mercenaries and it is said the carved ankh that he carries is actually a staff of necromancy.



Abdul Ali Hamsa is one of the only traders in the city to deal in the notorious black salt, a rare and expensive material found only in the deep desert caverns of the sand drakes. As well as being a potent alchemical agent used in dark magic and some fire magic, it also has strong necrotic powers and can be enriched into a fine incense that, it is whispered, beckons the Dark Gods of the region.

As a shrewd trader, Ali Hamsa also deals in less contentious materials and he controls many of the small tents and stalls in the souks and bazaars of the city. Commoners say the hand of Ali Hamsa hooks into the lifetrade of the city. He is a notoriously hard bargainer and it is said he thinks nothing of using intimidation to get what he wants.

Abdul Ali Hamsa is very wealthy and dabbles in many enterprises outside of the market. It is said he has large shares in the alcoholic and poison trades, control over several taverns, and even sponsors some artists and musicians. The black death metal sound of Peter and the Puddings is said to be a brainchild of Ali Hamsa.

Abdul Ali Hamsa

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