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You'v got to Hurt before you Heal

Adventure Log by Stigandr


Gangwulf spread the long plantain leaves out across the table with some strips of cut leaf to tie the compress. He sprinkled the washed and crushed roots of Red-Comfrey over the leaves to deal with the wounds from the stirge proboscises and then added steamed Burdock to treat any possible blood infections. Finally he used a dragon-ginger, lemon and eucalyptus salve to sooth any swelling around the wounds.

Watching his ever hungry colleagues he gently chided them “Jack, Sniv, these are not for eating…”

Applying the first compress Sni Ve-Lor wriggled and couldn’t sit still.

“If you don’t relax the compress will fall off.”

It made no difference and soon after Sniv walked away holding his compress.

Gangwulf shook his head, at least Jack of Badside Row would stay still, he applied the compress and tied it securely, a little magic and voila, some of the blood loss caused by the strange stirges was mitigated.

But where did these stirges come from? And why did they not show any interest in Squeek Squaker?

Gangwulf washed his hands and packed his bag of salves and herbs. Sniv had stopped applying the compress already, no patience that lad, no appreciation of the healing arts.

“That will come with time”, Gangwulf thought, “Adventuring would teach him that.”


Thanks, Stigandr! As always, an in-depth character analysis!

You'v got to Hurt before you Heal
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