Campaign of the Month: May 2016


Wednesday Night Horror

an alleyway full of ghouls


After the City of Harkesh is ravaged by a swarm of swamp stirges resulting in the death of many Jambuka, Gangwulf, Jack of Badside Row, Sni Ve-Lor and Squeek Squaker go back to Gangwulf’s place and meet up with Spinwind who joins them in time to help out the Triolan Quarter officials by moving 500 dead bodies into the Central Square. The young teenagers move two bodies but then decide they have had enough and go back “home” to clean up and have something to eat.

Gangwulf feels bad about not helping more, but with an invitation from his old school chum, Charlie, to meet up at The Black Nurian for free drinks, he keeps his conscience in check by convincing himself that information gathering ….and drinking…. is pretty important. In the garden stalls, the group buy a couple of low level spells from Zertan but neglect to buy any locks or keys from Anna. Gangwulf is introduced to the cleric, Bianca and she doesn’t seem to be helping either, so …. maybe he’s not so bad?

After a full evening session at the bar, the group make their way back through the dark and quiet streets towards Gangwulf’s house, but are attacked on the way by several ghouls – apparently some of the victims of the Stirge Swarm have become animated undead, and are terrorising the town. The party destroy nine of the creatures but there are more coming from both sides of the streets. They know a secret way out through a short alley but it seems two more ghouls stand before them. They will have to fight their way through these two undead sentries before the hordes of ghouls behind them attack….


First stiges, now ghouls, someone is after blood…

Wednesday Night Horror

Wait till you get to “here be dragons!”

Wednesday Night Horror

Ghoulish Jackals? I might welcome a dragon….

Wednesday Night Horror

Did someone ask for a dragon?

Wednesday Night Horror
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